Have got really behind with blogging and so have a pile of stuff to add – one of my jobs over the summer holidays so hopefully in September there will be a load of new stuff on here! Am currently looking at rich tasks, literacy in maths, APP, and further developing gap analysis to include personalised targets….. just have to find time to sort and add …..

GCSE Mock Gap Analysis 2008

For the first year without course, Edexcel have published a new set of mock papers for the non-coursework specification. This gap analysis is for these new papers.

I have asked Edexcel about grade boundaries for this mock, but the latest information I have is that they will not publish them until January, but in the meantime they suggest using last summer’s grade boundaries as a guide, so this is what I have done.


When filling in the gap analysis, just put the actual score for each question in the appropriate box, which should change colour according to the mark.  The second sheet for each paper breaks it down into number, algebra, shape and data, so that you can see any particular strengths or weaknesses, and the data to complete this sheet is automatically transferred from the first sheet, so you don’t need to fill it in twice. (Hope this all makes sense, and it works ok – if not, let me know)



Ordering Numbers 1

Putting numbers in order is something that students often find incredibly difficult. I have found that using cards activities, where students can physically move the numbers around to see which order ‘looks right’ really helps. A lesson plan and a set of deciamsl to order is attached – to make it more challenging, you can ask them to order some ascending and some descending!!

Ordering Decimals lesson plan 

Decimals cards